Our Rings

It's more than a ring, its once in a lifetime.

The celebration of your new beginning should be exciting and hassle free. And we’re here to get involved.

We’ve said goodbye to the traditional ways of buying a ring and redesigned the process from the first meet and greet to the final touches.

An experience that is real, transparent and fulfilling.

Our Diamonds

We believe in origin of product.

Every diamond we use is naturally created 100 miles away beneath our earth's surface. Cautious environmental conditions and countless hours of labor are needed to bring these miracles of nature from mine to market. By supporting the natural diamond community you are supporting an ecosystem of 10 million + people. 

Our network to source the best natural diamonds allow us to be one step ahead of our competition. Based on your parameters we will personally guide you in selecting the ideal diamond. We will prepare a curated selection for you, based on your expectations and in combination with our strict standards for cut, clarity, brilliance and overall beauty. 


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