About Us

Nirvam’s journey with diamonds began even before he was born, with a family legacy that dates back generations. Born and brought up in Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond trading capital of the world, he found a deep appreciation for all that sparkled at a very young age. Spending time by his father’s side, a prominent diamond wholesaler in Belgium, Nirvam decided to further pursue his passion.

Nirvam travelled the world to learn only from the best, step by step. He started off going to college in London to understand the basics of business. He then moved back to Antwerp to learn about how rough diamonds are bought from mine to the market. Next stop was Surat, the diamond manufacturing hub of the world, to learn about the manufacturing process of a rough diamond to a polished diamond. Further diving into his education, he moved to New York to complete his Graduate Diamonds degree from the Gemological Institute of America and learn about jewelry manufacturing and design.
With a keen eye, a love for design, and a drive to be different, Nirvam decided to start NOTA with his wife Megan. Together they have started making every couple’s new beginning something worth remembering.